Bear in Mind

Heart of the Grizzly, Book 1

Bear in Mind Now Released!

Grizzly bear shifter Amy Rutherford has special abilities where she can hear voices in her head—the thoughts and feelings of others—and she needs to get control of it. It started way before she nearly died in a car accident during a rainstorm where her parents perished, and she’s sure the crash wasn’t an accident. But nobody believes her. She can’t let go of what had happened, and storms bring on a case of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. She was on a blind date while celebrating her sister and her husband’s anniversary and a storm rages overhead at the dance club. She’s assaulted by all the voices in her head, until one stands out. A man is observing her, hiding his dark secrets from her, or trying to—and she’s not sure if he’s one of the good guys, or not.

Cedric Shader is a grizzly bear shifter and knows not to contact Amy the way he did at the dance club, instead of trying to meet her face to face first. But he senses her vulnerability and that she is experiencing psychic overload, just like he would when he was a kid. Now, he uses his ability to investigate murders, but the crime scene memories stay with him, though he tries hard to compartmentalize them, and he doesn’t want her to witness them. He told himself he is here on a job, not to become involved with a woman who has psychic issues. But she’s in trouble—and he’s certain she needs him to teach her how to cope. Worse, she believes someone had murdered her parents, and he’s beginning to wonder if she’s right. With a break-in at her apartment, and a possible connection to the murder of her parents, they’re running out of time before the person kills again.


I started on this book many moons ago as a romantic suspense, but I’d always wanted to write a Grizzly Bear Series. I’m originally from California and the Republic of California flag has a big grizzly bear on it. So from a young age, I loved bears.

Flag of California

When I visit the zoos, I have to see the wild cats and the bears. Most zoos I’ve been to don’t have wolves, or I’d visit them too.

The bear sleuth is in Montana where Paul and Lori—wolf shifters—have their pack. I did make one mention of them in the story. Grizzlies and black bears make their home in Glacier National Park, which is why I wanted the shifters to be in more of their own home environment.

I just signed a contract for another Highland Wolf book—this one Edeen’s brother’s story. She is in the book coming out in October—Christmas Wolf Surprise. Also, the DEA in the red wolf stories will be coming. I already know the trouble he gets himself into with the heroine. But before that one, the pilot in the White Wolf pack gets his story. So more fun coming!

Hope you enjoy the new book! I’m off to work on Roxie’s story!

Have a beautiful day!